The new digital age of the business card

The digital business card as an alternative to paper business cards

Individuals and businesses are seeking efficient ways to exchange contact information. Instead of traditional paper business cards, digital alternatives can now be used easily and quickly. This method of contact exchange is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective and allows for personalized communication. With digital business cards, companies can strengthen their brand presentation while also improving their environmental footprint.

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The modern business card: NFC based communication

If you want to stay modern in the era of digitalization while still retaining the charm of classic business cards, you should connect a digital companion with a traditional NFC business card. With this clever combination, you have the opportunity to present yourself in a stylish manner while benefiting from the advantages of modern technology.

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Connect your brand with customers

Digitize your contact exchange anywhere! Place your digital contact information on shop windows, office desks, meeting rooms, table holders, receptions, and any location you can imagine. Get contact information with just one click, and your customers will love it!

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