The NFC metal card is an innovative product that offers secure and uncomplicated data transmission and convenient authentication. With the NFC business card, your contact data can be exchanged securely on your smartphone or other Near field communicat enabled devices.

The product is made of high-quality metal and offers a robust and durable solution that guarantees a long service life. A third of the back is taken up by a beautifully integrated datachip to enable convenient transfer of your data.

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Step 1

Register for Becard

Register for free at or log in with an existing account, so you can modify and customize your digital card yourself at any time.

Step 2

Choose your Becard

Choose from various card options, including the standard Becard, the wood-made Becard, or the metal-made Becard, available in different designs.

Step 3

Order & pay

Once you have selected your desired product, simply place an order and make payment using credit card or PayPal. Your Becard will typically be delivered within 4 business days.

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