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What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is essentially a modern and digital version of your traditional business card. Instead of a printed card, you can store your contact information, such as name, title, company, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile, and more, on our digital platform and share it through various methods like QR codes, NFC technology, links, or email.

With the help of Becard, you can easily share and manage business contacts, as they can be quickly imported into an address book or CRM system. Additionally, Becard offers additional features such as analytics, branding options, and integrations with other applications to enhance the effectiveness of your networking activities.

Advantages and Opportunities with your Becard

Contact Capture

With the 'Contact Exchange' function on your digital profile, you can efficiently and digitally capture the contacts of your counterparts as well. No more manually typing in hundreds of business cards or worrying about forgetting important contacts. With Becard, you have all your contacts in one place and can access them anytime to improve and expand your business relationships.

Contact sharing, live tracking and statistics

With a paper business card, you never know what happens after you hand it out. With Becard's digital business cards, you gain additional insights, such as how often your profile has been shared and through which medium it was opened. This gives you a better overview of the success of your business contacts and allows you to work on improving your networking strategy. With the live tracking feature, you can track your business card views in real-time.

Introduce yourself with a video on your smart card profile

With Becard, you can not only efficiently manage your contacts, but also incorporate and share multimedia content such as videos. With the video feature on your digital business card, you can share external videos with your contacts without having to send them via email or messenger. Whether it's a product demo or a company presentation, you can easily share it with your contacts through your digital business card.

Share files on your becard profile

When exchanging your contact details, you also have the convenient functions for sharing files at your disposal. Instead of sending emails or copying files to USB sticks, for example, you can directly share guest lists or company presentations with your contacts through your digital companion. This makes file sharing easy and straightforward - saving you time and effort.

Subscribe and send push messages

With us, you can not only digitize your business cards, but also collect subscribers and send push notifications to your contacts - all without an app. The messages can contain information about new products, offers, or upcoming events, for example. By directly sending push notifications to their devices, you can ensure that your contacts are always up to date and remember your company.

Collect and export newsletter contacts!

With Becard, you can not only exchange your contact information, but also collect and export newsletter contacts at the same time. When you share your digital business card with your contacts, they can directly subscribe to your newsletter. You can then easily export these contacts to Mailchimp or forward them to other services via Zapier. This makes collecting newsletter contacts fast and uncomplicated.

No internet? Use the digital offline business card feature with Becard!

With Becard's offline QR code, you can have your digital business card readily available even when you're offline. Simply scan the QR code and your contacts will have access to your business card and contact information. This is convenient when you're on a plane or working in a location without internet connection!

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