NFC business card: The new standard in contact exchange

The NFC business card is considered to be the new standard in communication as it enables contact details to be exchanged quickly and easily. By touching the card with an NFC / RFID-enabled device, information such as name, position, company name, contact details and much more can be automatically transferred. The contactless business card is an advanced way of making contacts and exchanging information.

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This is how the NFC business card from Becard works!

Becard's NFC business cards contain a small chip that enables contact data to be automatically transferred when touched with an NFC-enabled device. Becard also offers the possibility of adding a personalized QR code to the modern business card, which also allows access to contact details by simply scanning it. Your product is always linked to a digital business card, which gives you control over what data is shared with your contacts, such as contact details, social media profiles, website links, videos or files. Becard's NFC Companion is therefore an innovative and user-friendly tool to socialize and exchange information, while also offering the option of blocking the card if lost.

NFC business cards made of plastic, wood or metal

NFC business cards made of plastic, wood or metal impress with their outstanding quality and precise processing. The wooden cards can be processed from different types of wood such as bamboo, cherry, oak or maple, creating a unique look through the natural grain and texture. Since each piece of wood is individual, each wooden card is unique.

Metal cards are available in different finishes such as black, anthracite, gold and rose and are made of high-quality metal. The precisely cut edges of the cards result in a smooth or sanded surface. This makes the metal cards durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear.

How a Becard increases your flexibility and mobility

Design your product according to your ideas

You have the choice: either opt for a high-quality standard card from our shop or design your business card according to your ideas. Either use our simple configurator or send us your design as a PDF file - there are no limits, neither haptic nor digital.

Always up to date with the digital business card link

Your NFC business card is updated in real time as a result of changes and additions to your data and information in your user account. You also have the option to enable push functionality to automatically notify subscribers to your card of changes. This allows your contacts to stay up to date and informed about your activities and changes.

One product, two digital profiles

You only need one product and you have the option of linking two different digital business cards together for free. You can then use your user account to switch back and forth between the two profiles with just one click. This is particularly useful if you want to use a professional and a private profile, for example.

Block the business card in case of loss or theft!

If you have lost your NFC business card, you can have it blocked at any time via your user profile so that it can no longer be accessed. This is particularly important to avoid misuse and to protect your personal data. However, if you find your card again later, you can have it unblocked at any time by contacting our support.

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