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Digital Business Card

Use the digital business card exclusively with the essential features without any limitations. Would you like to get more out of your digital business card? Then upgrade now!


Free forever with no hidden costs!

Business Manager (Spaces)

Connect an unlimited number of digital cards to a space for centralized management. Spaces are optimized for large enterprises with numerous cards, but also for small businesses.

Spaces includes all the features to easily, quickly, and conveniently customize digital business cards for employees from anywhere. With Spaces, you can assign rights, grant permissions, ensure consistent visual design, and access statistics.


in combination with classic products!

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for digital use only, price on request!

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Digital Business Card

We see the digitization of business cards as an opportunity to become more sustainable and resource-efficient in everyday business. We provide everyone with the chance and access to digital business cards, which is why comes with all the necessary features for free. Anyone who wants to get more out of their digital companion has the option to expand it with additional features and tools at any time.

Becard icon package
  • Share contact details
  • Share Social Media channels
  • Statistics & Insights
  • Real-time change of contact details
  • Share files
  • And many more...


Free forever with no hidden costs!

Becard icon package
Business Pro
  • Contact capture
  • Contact book & contact management
  • Push notifications
  • Newsletter connection
  • Mailchimp & Zapier integration
  • And many more...

$5.51 / Month

Yearly billing, without binding

Becard icon package Originals
Optionally connect any number of traditional products to each digital business card. You can connect two digital profiles per product and switch between the two at any time using your dashboard. This allows you to consolidate your personal and business contact information into an NFC card or an NFC product.
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Comparison in detail

Discover and compare features between the free and Business Pro plans for individual users. If your cards are connected to the Becard Business Manager (Space), the add-ons and packages from the respective Space will be applied to all connected cards.

Becard icon package
Becard icon package
Business Pro
Share contact details
Share Social Media channels
Works with Apple and Android
QR-Code enabled
Connect classic products
Statistics & Insights
Share files
1 File
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