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Contactless transmission of your contact details and social media data with a single tap on smartphone

Who are we?

BeCard is based on NFC technology and sets new standards in the exchange of contacts. In addition, the product opens up an innovative marketing possibility where you can target specific groups via push messages.

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How it works

Next level interaction with clients

Step 1

Register for Becard

Register for free at becard.me or log in with an existing account, so you can change and adapt your digital map yourself at any time.

Step 2

Choose your Becard

Choose from different cards, from the standard Becard to the Becard made of wood or the Becard made of metal in various designs.

Step 3

Order & pay

After you have chosen your product, order and pay by credit card or PayPal. Your Becard will usually be delivered within 4 working days.

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