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For developers, we offer a versatile opportunity to develop independent applications, seamlessly integrate external software, or create your own plugins. Our focus is on providing stable infrastructure and the highest security standards, so you can concentrate fully on programming. With our extensive JSON REST API, you have all the necessary functions at your disposal to successfully implement your projects.

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The Backbone of Smart Networking

Becard simplifies the provision of digital business cards in a way that's as easy and programmable as surfing the internet. Each year, we handle thousands of data transmissions, contributing to sustainability and the development of innovative business card solutions from various providers. Moreover, we meet all the necessary certifications to be successful in the corporate sector.


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Benefits of the Becard API for Developers

The Becard API offers developers numerous advantages, simplifying the creation and management of digital business cards. Its seamless integration allows for efficient and flexible adaptation of digital business card solutions to specific needs. Developers benefit from straightforward implementation, saving time and resources while ensuring high availability and user-friendliness.

Easy Integration

The Becard API integrates seamlessly into existing systems, simplifying the development and management of digital business cards.

High Scalability

Tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes, the API enables the development of customised solutions for every company size.

Documentation and Support

Developers are facilitated with detailed guides for easy starting, and helpful support is available for questions or issues.

Promotion of Innovation

The API offers the opportunity to create creative and personalised business card solutions, including advanced features like NFC, QR codes, and augmented reality.

Privacy and Security

Becard places a high emphasis on adhering to privacy standards and securing transmitted data, building trust among developers and end-users. Certifications like ISO27001 are included.

Environmentally Friendly

By promoting digital business cards, the Becard API contributes to sustainability and resource conservation by reducing the need for physical business cards.

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