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Digitize your business

Digital NFC business card

The Becard is provided with an NFC (RFID) chip for contactless transmission. For all devices without NFC support, a digital QR-Code is automatically made available for each Becard.

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What is Becard?

Becard is a digital business card for contactless transmission of your contact details and social media data with a single tap on smartphone.

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One card, unlimited options

Next level interaction with clients

Becard for employees

Personal and business team peer to peer card

Be innovative, network and exchange your contact details with the BeCard! Fast, convenient and without an app! Via NFC you can transfer your data to the desired device in seconds without manual input. Discover the new business and private community for free.

Becard for brands

Contact points for customers

Digitize your business contact placement anywhere. Share your digital contact data on storefronts, office desks, meeting rooms, table holders, hotel receptions and any place you can imagine. Instantly receive your business contact details, customers will love it!

Exchange information

Exchange your contact details at any time via NFC, QR code or a link.

  • Management
  • Employees
  • Business staff
  • Freelancers
  • Cooperators
  • Contractors

For all industries and brands

Excellent platform for big and small corporations. Expose your contact at important places.

  • Technology and IT services
  • Marketing agencies
  • Medical centres and pharmacies
  • Automotive industry
  • Hotels and tourism
  • And many, many more


Share your business contacts

Discover the opportunities for businesses. Special functions include settings for corporations, large and medium-sized businesses facilitate and the administration of BeCards for your employees.

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Connect your brand with customers

Brand NFC cards can be placed at outdoors contact points where customers can receive contact data with a single tap with their smartphone. With unlimited integration options you can imagine - instore desks, storefronts, waiting rooms. Outdoor and indoor application anywhere.

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Choose your package

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Becard free package is recommended for small businesses, freelancers or for your own personal use.

€ 29,90 One time card costs
No hidden costs
  • Easy to edit profile
  • Available in different styles
  • NFC (RFID) Enabled
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • No monthly fees
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Business Pro

Business Pro package is recommended for businesses and enterprises. One licence, unlimited options.

€ 24,90 One time card costs
+ Licence
  • Easy to edit profile
  • Available in different styles
  • NFC (RFID) Enabled
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • No advertisements
  • Connect with page for multi administration
  • Push notifications without limitations
  • Newsletter connection without limitations
  • Get full card analytics
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Becard advanced package is recommended for B2B and B2C use, as well as small business owners.

€ 119,90 Card cost included
Pay once, use for life
  • Easy to edit profile
  • Available in different styles
  • NFC (RFID) Enabled
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • No monthly fees
  • No advertisements
  • Connect up to 50 cards with page for multi administration
  • Push notifications for a maximum of 25 subscribers without limitations
  • Newsletter connection for a maximum of 25 subscribers
  • Limited card analytics
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Individual package?

Need of an individual package? Request a meeting with our consultant.

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Becard designs your employees will love

Three modern style options for your Becard or design your own with your company´s identity.

We offer the right cards for every corporate philosophy. From ecological and recycled products made of plastic or various wooden cards with a green footprint to metal cards in light or dark for prestigious appearance. Company branding is included.

Becard Netspin
Material: Plastic
Color options
Becard Egyptian
Material: Metal
Color options
Becard Natural
Material: Wood
Color options
Works with any smartphone device and desktop computer

Stay classic. Be modern.

Business connection evolved! Go classic to digital with a single tap. Connecting offline and online businesses has never been easier. With custom branding options, you will raise your company awareness and business meetings tothe next level

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Use your BeCard in many ways

All options available with one simple tab

Digital business card

Share your contact details, addresses, websites & emails easily.

Profile hub

Sharing everything about who you are and what you do.

Lead generation tool

More leads and appointments there and then.

Link to any URL

Linking to any digital presence Apps, videos, e-menus & PDFs

Manage your activity
Becard stats

Reach your customers

Send marketing campaigns and push messages to your contacts and followers and stay connected.

Unlimited possibilities

Place your brand main contact data or support details for your customers at any place like receptions, storefronts, info desks and all other options you can imagine.

Manage your activity

Track your activities and save your contacts directly in your BeCard account.

Customer support

You need help or you have questions? Reach our customer support at anytime.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to our frequently asked questions.

No, you can use Becard easily without an app. You can register at and do everything in the browser, even on your smartphone or tablet. We recommend organizations in particular to use the browser on the computer when managing digital cards. This simplifies administration.

Becard works on any device that has a browser and can possibly read the .vcf format. Over 90% of all devices worldwide can do this.

You must be registered if you want to add and edit your own digital card. You don't need a Becard account to share your digital business card with others.

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