Digital Business Card for Companies

Digital business cards are essential for companies and marketing departments! With them, you can efficiently and environmentally share contact information through links, QR codes, or NFC. Start now for free and utilize the powerful tool of the digital business card for your networking and branding!

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Digitize Your Business with the Digital Business Card

The digital business card is a key element of the modern business world. With Becard, you combine the digital advantages with a classic NFC business card for efficient contact exchange. It enables quick sharing of your contact information, whether through NFC devices or QR codes.

But it offers more than just contact exchange: your data is personalized, always up to date, and can include links to your company and other relevant content if desired. Use Becard to innovatively digitize your business and discover its diverse functions.

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Creating Your Digital Business Card

Creating your digital business card is an intuitive process. Start by entering your basic contact information, then add additional details such as social media links and business information. You can also include multimedia content and customize the card to match your branding. The best part is: you can update them anytime. Use the digital business card for efficient communication and to digitize your business. Share it across various channels.

Smart Products

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QR Code

Use either your dynamic or offline QR code to intuitively share your contact information.


Share your personal and customized link with anyone you wish, whether it's through iMessage, WhatsApp, or SMS.


Save your desired profile in your Apple or Google Wallet to access your QR code instantly anytime.

Virtual Backgrounds

Email Signatures

Automatically share your digital business card with every email you send, providing your customers with a convenient way to save your contact information.

Leading for Business

Advantages of a Digital Business Card

The digital business card is a valuable tool for all business sectors - with numerous advantages. It does not require a special app and can be customized at any time. It is also environmentally friendly as it does not consume physical resources. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and can be used as an RFID/NFC business card with corporate design. Always readily available, the business card is ideal for conferences or chance encounters. Easily transform your business into a modern and efficient one.

Digital Business Card Always at Hand

Your digital business card is always available. Save it in your Apple Wallet or create a shortcut on your smartphone.

No Need for an App

Becard works on any modern device. For devices without NFC support, contact information can be shared via QR code and link.

RFID / NFC Business Card with Corporate Design

Design your Becard with plastic, wood, or metal according to your own design specifications. Your digital business card can also be customized.

Environmentally Friendly

As an NFC business card, Becard strives for an economical, efficient, and responsible use of resources and energy in the manufacturing process.


Replace all paper business cards with Becard. Transfer them to your employees or change the allocation. Becards can also be transferred.

Customizable Anytime

You can independently customize and update your contact information on your NFC business card through your user account.

The Applications of Your Digital Business Card

You can use your digital business card in various ways and make sharing your contact information easier. Lead generation tools like push notifications and newsletters are included. Additionally, it allows you to link to external websites, apps, videos, PDFs, and more. Use the digital business card to effectively present and promote your company.
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Digital Business Card

Easily share contact information, address, website, and email with the digital business card.

socialmedia hub

Social Media Hub

Focus your profile on social media channels and share them with your community.


Lead Generation Tools

Generate more leads and appointments through the contact exchange function for your contacts.

custom branding

Individually customizable

Many design variations are possible to meet your corporate design standards.

Works with Any Smartphone and Desktop Computer

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to our frequently asked questions.

What is a digital business card?

The digital business card is a new solution to replace the classic paper business cards. The focus is on a digital profile of your person, which can be easily called up digitally using a link, QR code or in combination with an NFC product. You can adapt the business card to your wishes, upload your logo and photo, display your contact details and link your social media channels. Examples of links would be company websites, your portfolio, social media channels, your shop, locations, links to appointments such as Calendly and co. Your data can be changed in real time at any time, so you save money and protect the environment at the same time.

How to create a digital business card?

A digital business card can be created using different tools, independent of a provider. We recommend relying on the services of Becard or other comparable providers as they offer a user interface and other possibilities to expand your digital tool. A digital profile can be created in just a few steps via Just follow the onboarding process that will guide you through creating your business card.

What is the difference between digital business cards and nfc business cards?

A digital business card is a digital profile linked to any person. This profile can be shared anytime and anywhere with a link, QR code or with different messenger apps. An NFC business card is there to connect your digital profile with a classic product. This NFC product is therefore the interface between the digital and the classic world of business cards. Using the NFC function, you transmit your personal profile exclusively digitally to the desired device.

How much cost a digital business card?

A digital business card is free for everyone. You can create your own digital profile in just a few steps and share it with your network immediately. There are no costs. However, if you would like to expand your digital tool with additional functions, you can upgrade to a package. You can find out more about this under Prices.

What are benefits of digital business cards?

Digital business cards such as Becard offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for networking in today's digital age and are replacing classic business cards. Becard products provide an easy way to update, share and exchange contact information. Another advantage is that statistics can be evaluated in order to always have an overview of the target group and activity.

Do I need an app to use Becard?

No, you can use Becard easily without an app. You can register at and do everything in the browser, even on your smartphone or tablet. We recommend organizations in particular to use the browser on the computer when managing digital cards. This simplifies administration.

On which devices does BeCard work?

Becard works on any device that has a browser and can possibly read the .vcf format. Over 90% of all devices worldwide can do this.

Do I have to be registered to use Becard?

You must be registered if you want to add and edit your own digital card. You don't need a Becard account to share your digital business card with others.

A Digital Tool, Unlimited Possibilities

NFC vs. Digital Business Card: Interaction at the Next Level

NFC Products
for individual users

Be innovative, connect, and exchange your contact data with Becard! Quickly, conveniently, and without an app! Through NFC, QR codes, or links, you can transfer your data to your friends' and acquaintances' desired devices in seconds without manual input.

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Digital Business Cards
for Companies

Discover the possibilities for companies. Special features and management systems include settings for large, medium-sized, and small companies, making it easier to manage your employees' digital business cards.

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Our Offer for the Digital Business Card

Our offer focuses on providing tailored solutions for the digital business card for every business model. Whether it's a large company, a medium-sized firm, a marketing department, a freelancer, or a self-employed individual, we have the right solution. We are here to assist you in creating, designing, and managing your individual card, offering useful tools for lead generation and performance measurement. Take advantage of our all-inclusive package and become part of the digital world!

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